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Wednesday, October 27th at 7:00 PM 

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CSU Lawsuit Update!

On April 29th, CSU lawyers filed a motion for ex parte hearing on a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction. LAUSD was given notice yesterday and has said they plan to oppose.

We are asking the judge to expedite the case on an emergency basis and force the district to justify their policies instead of waiting for the legal process to run the usual long course.

If the judge doesn’t buy LAUSD’s reasoning, he can force them to change their policies.

We still need funds to cover the expenses! Please donate!

04/12/21: American Federation of Teachers (AFT) endorses CDC's recommendation of 3' distancing between students. Read article here

04/07/21: CSU files lawsuit against LAUSD and Superintendent Austin Beutner. The lawsuit is seeking a temporary restraining order to force the district to open the schools in accordance to sate and county guidelines. Donations are still needed in order to carry this suit through. Please click here to donate!












Full complaint can be found here

NOTE: CA Department of Public Health's guidance states that cohorts applies to counties in the Purple tier! LAUSD is requiring cohorts purely because they are beholden to their agreement with UTLA!! Click here to see the guidelines, which were updated on 3/22

03/31/21: Freedom Foundation files their lawsuit against LAUSD and UTLA, also naming Austin Beutner and Cecily Myart-Cruz-Cruz. In addition to alleging that LAUSD breached its responsibility to act in the best interest of students by allowing the teachers union to dictate when schools should reopen, the suit is also seeking monetary damages.

CSU's suit is strategically focusing only on LAUSD, as we anticipate UTLA will put up a greater fight and has even more resources to mount a defense and drag things out. Additionally, we are not pursuing monetary damages, an option that will take more time in court. Instead, we are focusing on a temporary restraining order (TRO), which is an expedited form of relief. The intent is to place pressure on the district so that we have a resolution and meaningful in-person options in place before fall. This approach allows us to do it now, in an as timely and as cost-efficient manner as possible. WE STILL NEED FINANCIAL SUPPORT! PLEASE DONATE TO THE LEGAL FUND HERE!

03/26/21: Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District announces they will be opening for full-time in-person instruction for K-12! Elementary students will begin returning the week of 4/19 and secondary students will begin returning the week of 4/26. Click here for the full update from Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati

03/25/21: Cecily Mart-Cruz gives her weekly UTLA Update on FB live. Skip to 1:30 to hear her say that they will not be adjusting their guidelines to follow LA County Health Department's recommendation fo 3' distancing between students. She then goes on to say that the upcoming Fall contract negotiations will be building on what they learn from the current hybrid schedule in order to "make the hybrid schedules work better for educators and students." HYBRID SHOULD NOT BE THE OBJECTIVE!! Click here to watch

03/23/21: LA County adjusted case rate (used to determine their assignment) reaches 3.7 case per 100k. Stay up-to-date on these numbers here: LA County Public Health
03/23/21: LA County Health Department adjusts the minimum distance requirement between student seating from 6' to 3'. Click here for official update.
03/22/21: CSU retains Lee Andelin and Arie Spangler of Aannestad, Andelin & Corn, the San Diego-based firm that won the TRO against the state last month. The lawsuit will seek a TRO against LAUSD in order to force the district to comply with its obligations to provide full time in-person education in accordance with state law and the state constitution. 
03/09/21: Click here for LAUSD & UTLA sideletter agreement on reopening of schools for hybrid instruction during 2020-21 school year.
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