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join our fight againsT LAUSd

CSU has filed their lawsuit against LAUSD and Austin Beutner. The suit is seeking a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the district and the superintendent  in order to force them to comply with its obligations to provide full time in-person education in accordance with state law and the state constitution.  

Read full complaint here

Donations are still needed in order for us to see this lawsuit through.

Please click link below to donate!

Why should we sue LAUSD if "school is opening anyway"?


Because it's not opening to the extent that is allowed or to the extent that our kids deserve.  


Because a hybrid situation -- for elementary only -- is not "open," to say nothing of the fact that the middle and high schools' "plan" to have kids on zoom the entire time is abhorrent and not "open" in any sense of the word.  


Because the CDPH and LACPH have officially agreed with the CDC that 3' distance should be the minimum,

and the 6' rule is now just an arbitrary provision that UTLA is holding the district to. 


Because LAUSD is violating SB98, which states that a district MUST offer in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible -- and will continue to violate the law unless it's brought before a court and forced not to.


Because LAUSD is counting on us being complacent and not to stand up to them.


If you agree that this district's lack of any impetus to do what is right for the students under its care, 

this is your chance to act in a way that will have an immediate effect.   


If you are in a position to do so, PLEASE contribute and PLEASE share.

LAUSD Lawsuit Fundraiser

Fight for the Rights of 600,000 LAUSD Students!

The pandemic has pulled the curtain back on the public school system for millions of parents. The bullying and lack of leadership from the union to the board of education has revealed a huge gap in how we as parents must respond. We are now “woke” to a reality that existed before the pandemic where we were too blind to the lack of influence we have on public education.


This changes now. Introducing CALIFORNIA STUDENTS UNITED. This organization created by parents to advocate for the voice of children who are being silenced by unions and bureaucrats for purposes that do not serve our next generation favorably. We deserve a seat at the table. We will use all means necessary to ensure parents have a voice and represent the needs of children of public education. We will take all legal and necessary action to advocate for our kids to ensure parents are equally represented as a voice of children.

Please visit and donate at



The Children of California 

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